Whether you’re a children’s product manufacturer seeking more cost-effective ways to reach your customers, a retailer eager to minimize precious time away from your business when looking for exciting new products to stock, or a consumer who loves to find great deals and strike up conversations around infant and children’s products that can enrich your child’s life and make yours easier, the thinkvirtual expo will offer an affordable, environmentally-conscious way to bring manufacturers, retailers, and consumers together. "Live" (in a virtual sense). Each virtual expo provides three days of "live" interaction and then continued access for a three month period. thinkvirtual expo will:

  • Produce the world's largest virtual events for baby/children's products, sporting goods/outdoors, and other categories
  • Offer convenient features for saving, storing, and reviewing information on products of interest for all attendees
  • Provide a full suite of communication features enabling vendors, retailers, and consumers to chat, message, and interact with one another
  • Be the world’s first zero carbon footprint trade show

The thinkvirtual expo brings consumer product companies, retailers, and consumers together to discover, discuss, and do business over products. Tell us which category best describes you, and we’ll tell you what’s in store for you!

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